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Store Expansion More Benchmade Knifes, AR15 Parts and New Badlands Packs Store Expansion More Benchmade Knifes, AR15 Parts and New Badlands Packs Store Expansion More Benchmade Knifes, AR15 Parts and New Badlands Packs
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Store Expansion More Benchmade Knifes, AR15 Parts and New Badlands Packs

We have the largest Benchmade Knives selection in Northeastern Oklahoma.

Benchmade knives have been my go-to knife for many years now. The first gun shop I worked at sold Benchmade knives and that is how I was introduced to them. I used many brands of knives while serving in the US Army. I tried this, that and the other which were lost and/or broken. When I was introduced to Benchmade, like many others, was a little taken back by the cost compared to so many other brands. But I soon discovered what you actually get for the additional cost. My opinion is they are worth every penny! And will last a lifetime for much less than other knives of high quality. Compared to many other brands of similar quality, they have more options and cost less. This makes the Benchmade knife a rather inexpensive purchase that is more than suitable for everyday use and abuse.

One of the first Benchmade knives I purchased was a 2550 auto. It opened fast and fit in my pocket well. It did not interfere with retrieving things from my pocket nor did it poke at me when sitting or doing other activities. It also taught me how Benchmade knives can hold an edge! They come out of the box very sharp and stay that way. We have had more than one customer bleed on our counter as a result! They can be more of a challenge to sharpen because the steel they use is very hard. However, if your sharpening skills are challenged, you don'"t have to sharpen it yourself. You can send it back to Benchmade and they will sharpen it for you for FREE! They will even mail it back for free. Most people have a difficult time sharpening a knife on their own and you will find no shortage of products that will sharpen or help you sharpen a knife. Personally, I have found many sharpening products to be a gimmick. They didn'"t work well or removed too much blade steel to make them a viable option for me.

If you have damaged the blade on your Benchmade or perhaps sharpened it to the point that the blade is smaller than you would like, the Benchmade Company has an answer for that as well; they will replace the blade for 30-40 dollars. I sharpened a 940BK that I had been carrying for many years to the point that I had removed a significant portion of the blade. I sent it to Benchmade and they replaced the blade for me for only $40. I had a brand new blade on a knife that I carried every day and used most every day for only $40.

Benchmade'"s customer service is something that other manufacturers in the industry can learn from. And their business model is something that other companies in the firearm or sporting industry could learn from. If you break a pocket clip, they will send you a new one and they may not even know if you own a Benchmade Knife. I have been with them as a dealer for about 18 years now and can say they have been one of the best companies in the sporting and firearm industries that I have had the pleasure to work with. They operate in a simple and smooth fashion which makes working with them a joy.

As stated earlier, the Benchmade 2550 was my first. I have chosen many since then as a gift or for other purposes. Everyone in my family carries a Benchmade. My son, who grew up around Benchmade, did not know that a knife had anything other than an Axis lock until he was well into his teens. He had never used or seen anything else. We have different knives for different purposes - fixed blades, folders and even the kitchen set that my daughter requested as a wedding gift.

The Nimravus 140BK was the first Benchmade fixed blade gift purchase I made and it is what my son-in-law took to Afghanistan when he deployed. I have used the 162 Bushcrafter in the field to field dress an Elk in Wyoming. The 162 Bushcrafter is well suited for backpacking and/or hunting. It can process game or make kindling for a fire and still cut potatoes for dinner. It has become my favorite pack knife. I have used different knives at different times for many purposes and have spoken to a number of our customers about how they have used their Benchmade they purchased and asked them for their feedback and comparison to previous knives they'"ve owned from other manufacturers. The level of satisfaction I see in our customers with their purchase of a Benchmade product makes me very thankful I have chosen them as our store'"s flagship for knives. We can order about any knife you want, but we keep over 100 different Benchmade models in stock every day. We have the largest selection of Benchmade knives in northeast Oklahoma. We truly stand behind their product and we know the expectations of our customers will be met and likely exceeded.

The 940 series, as I stated previously, is my everyday carry knife. I have done all manner of things with it. I have used it as a steak knife, and opened cans and boxes with it. I'"ve carved on wood and cut through drywall with it. I'"ve pried things with it and even used it to field dress a deer: I spontaneously went into the woods after work one day with not much more than a rifle and the 940 that was in my pocket. I really was not expecting anything except time alone in the woods to decompress. As it would happen, a buck walked up to where I was looking out and just stood there. He seemed as though he was sacrificing himself for our dinner table, so I happily accepted his offer to help feed my family and placed a bullet in him. After I said my thanks, I approached him to begin the field dressing and realized my backpack with my hunting gear was in my truck. Of course, I didn'"t want to drag him that far and I didn'"t want to go back to the truck and then back to the deer, so I decided to use my Benchmade 940 I had in my pocket. It worked great! I did not use it to split the pelvic bone, but it was useful in cutting around it. It worked so well that when I processed the animal at home, I did the skinning and much of the deboning with the 940 as well -- not because I had to, but because I wanted to see how well it would work. The 940 has certainly exceeded my expectations in a multitude of ways. I have a former employee that used a 15016-1 Hidden Canyon Hunter to skin nine animals. Six of those were hogs, and the other three were deer. He did all nine of these and did not sharpen it one time. Benchmade knives hold an edge like no previous knife I have owned or used. Benchmade is selective in the steel they use to make their knives. They are selective so the customer will have a sharp tool when they need a sharp tool. They are not going to sacrifice the product for the profit. I have seen some good looking knives and some with a well-known name brand printed on the knife but they do not seem to have the quality that a Benchmade knife does and they are not something that will literally last a lifetime of heavy use the way a Benchmade knife does. Benchmade'"s choices in blade steel also sets them apart from others. The materials used to make handles is another feature that oftentimes sets a Benchmade apart from other knife manufacturers. While they do have the Griptillian line, which predominately uses a polymer handle material, the vast majority of the knives they produce have handle material made of hard wood, Micarta, or some other durable material. The designers at Benchmade also create designs that will fit every type of hand, so everyone can find a knife for the purpose they are looking for that will be suited to them.

Purpose will have a major impact on what knife is best suited for each individual. People will choose a different tool for a different task. Knives, while they can also be attractive, are still a tool and are a very personal choice. This can make it difficult to buy just the right knife for someone as a gift.

On many occasions, we have helped our customers select a Benchmade as a gift and it became one of the recipient'"s favorite gifts. We also can do a gift certificate and then the receiver can select the knife that is best for them. Either way, they will have a gift that will last a lifetime and most people find that they use a good knife way more often than they ever imagined. What someone will be using the knife for will directly impact the choice. What purpose they have for the knife should be the first question in the decision making process. A fixed blade would not be practical for a business casual dressed person for example. A folder would be a much more accepted tool for them. We try and help people that come in and wish to buy a knife for someone as a gift. We will have to ask a few questions to help guide the person in the decision process. What is the budget? What is the purpose? What do they do for a living? Is the person left or right handed? What have they used in the past? These questions can be very helpful in directing one to the best gift. Knives are a very personal thing and it is possible to buy the right knife as a gift simply by answering a few simple questions.

My wife and daughters have a Benchmade that they received as a gift and use them frequently. Some will open boxes with them and some will have them as a defensive tool and others will have them for everyday tasks. No matter the intended purpose, you will find a Benchmade knife that can fulfill your needs and do it with style and reliability! Come in and see what we have to offer. We will also do a laser etching on the knife blade or handle to personalize it for you. My son-in-law was able to get his knife back after he thought he lost it because my daughter had the blade laser etched before she gave it to him as a gift.

For those of you who are knife collectors, Benchmade has a knife for that as well. They produce a limited number of Gold Class knives every year for the collector. These knives will be of a limited quantity and be made of more exotic materials, such as gold and carbon fiber inlays. They will be serialized and come in a nice display box and will normally appreciate in value the following year. The Benchmade first production knives are another knife collector favorite. When Benchmade comes out with a new model they will do a first production run on them and they are serialized x/100 or similar. These are often selected by those who are eager to get what is new or those who seek to add to a knife collection.

The Black Class in the Benchmade line-up is specifically designed for the professional. They are designed for law enforcement, military, EMT or the first responder. While they are often found in the pockets and packs of the average person due to their quality and design, it was for the professional, who uses a knife as part of the work they do, that Benchmade designed this class for. Many who served in the military were issued a Benchmade knife while serving our country. Proceeds from the sales of their Black Class ADAMAS series of knives go to the Army Ranger and Navy Seal foundations. Benchmade does this in support of those who served and are serving our country with their lives. The ADAMAS series includes fixed blades, folding blades, automatics knives and a dagger style blade. They are all in black and dark earth colors or combination of those colors. They are very strong knives made for the rigorous activities that soldiers and other professionals would put them through. The Black Class is specific to those users that need a knife that is used in life or death situations.

The Blue Class of Benchmade Knives is the heart and soul of Benchmade Knife Company. This class has a huge selection with multiple designs and blade lengths as well as blade thicknesses. The average person and many professionals will choose a Blue Class. The 940 series is one of Benchmade'"s most popular knife series. Not everyone needs a knife that is capable of digging a fighting position, as they tend to weigh a bit more than what the average person would want to carry in jeans or slacks. The Blue Class has a wider selection of every day carry knives. There are a multitude of sizes and shapes in this class allowing the user to select the knife that best suits their needs. The Blue Class has assisted opening knives in the line-up as well. The bulk of the Blue Class -- as well as Benchmade'"s other classes-- will incorporate the axis locking system. The axis lock is the strongest locking mechanism in the industry and is a Benchmade patented design as well. You will like the wide variety of the Blue class and also find the Griptillian line in the Blue Class. The Griptillian series may be described as Benchmade'"s entry level knife. The cost is less than many other designs although they have a huge following with a multitude of combinations of blade style, handle color and blade steel. The Hunt Class is a result of field research and they are made from materials found in surgical equipment and spaceships. The Hunt Class is durable and refined. I am a hunter and my family and I process our harvested meat. Benchmade is my 1st choice for a field knife. I simply have more confidence in a Benchmade than any other knife. If something were to go wrong, I know I can rely on my Benchmade Knife. I was on an Elk hunt in Idaho a few years back and could not get the harvest down before dark. I spent the night alone with my elk, a fire, and my Benchmade. I used the knife to field dress the animal, make shelter, kindle for a fire and cook dinner. Not one time did I have to stop and even consider sharpening it. It performed better than I expected the whole trip!

Benchmade has accessories available also. They have a line of shirts, sweatshirts, sharpeners, sheaths, tool kits, lube, and more. I am confident that Benchmade Knives will meet or exceed our customer'"s expectations. I have been selling them for close to 18 years and found them to be one of the best companies and products we can offer. I use Benchmade knives, our employee'"s use Benchmade Knives and my family uses Benchmade knives. We have been in this business for a good many years and could have selected a different knife company at any point along the way – and I would have if I had found something better and the quality was in-line with the cost. I have seen some nice knives out there at different points in time but have not found a company with the selection and quality of a Benchmade at a price point that meager mortals can afford.

Benchmade knives are not the least expensive knife company out on the market today, but their knives are NOT made in China nor are they made in Japan, Germany or anywhere else. Benchmade is a "made in the USA company located in Oregon City, Oregon. They have the best customer service I have found and stand behind the products they produce. They support those that support our freedom and make a quality product. I am proud to be a Benchmade Premium-Plus dealer and have been a dealer with them for close to 20 years. We maintain the biggest selection of Benchmade knives in northeast Oklahoma because we believe in the product. We desire to meet or exceed our customers'" expectations. We can and will order about anything you want, but our knife-line flag ship is going to continue to be Benchmade. Come in and look at our selection. Let us help you select the knife that is right for you and your needs. Ask us what we use and about the many we have tried in the past. We will be happy to answer your questions. We may not always tell you what you want to hear but we won'"t lie to you.

Before you consider purchasing an AR 15 rifle for yourself, I have come up with a set of questions that will help you determine what AR 15 Rifle and Accessories would be best for you.

The AR15 has been around for over 50 years. Many people think it stands for assault rifle 15, but it is actually Armalite Rifle 15. In my opinion, the "AR stands for "another receipt and many of you may agree with the latter. The rifles and/or pistols are very modular, and much like Legos for those that have the tools and knowledge of the fundamental function of the system. These rifles can be crafted to meet any need you have. It may be the most modular weapon system in the world. Multiple manufacturers make a huge variety of accessories and replacement parts to fit the weapon system. However, not all the parts available are actually compatible with each other. I have ten information points that may help you create your next (or maybe your first) AR15/AR10 to be the gun you always wanted - the way you always wanted it.

  • 1) What Are The Differences Between Gas and Piston Based Rifles?

    A piston system, while the best way for many other rifle systems, would not be my first choice for the AR platform. One reason would be that it is proprietary to the manufacturer of the piston system. It may be difficult to get parts for the piston system you have installed once that manufacturer moves on to Gen2, 3 or even Gen4 versions. An additional downside to a piston system would be the extra weight and limiting yourself to what handguard would fit over the piston system. You would be taking the rifle of this country with the least amount of proprietary parts and making it very exclusive to operate at all. The gas system has been working for 50 years and works fine. Like everything, proper maintenance makes it work better. Sure, someone can set up a test in a controlled unrealistic scenario to destroy anything, but how many gas tubes have melted in combat? If this really was a big problem it would have been replaced years ago.

    At least 90% of the issues we see with an AR not functioning properly is due to a lack of lubrication or a customer that is unaware of a chamber brush. Many AR owners know about a bore brush but are unfamiliar with a chamber brush. You really can'"t put too much lubrication (oil) on a AR, but you can use to little. It is not a bolt gun that uses your arm strength to operate the bolt. The AR has a fair amount of friction between the upper receiver and the bolt carrier. A lubricant will allow it to move freely so the energy that moves the carrier back is not lost by more friction than it was designed for.

  • 2) What Should I Lubricate My AR 15 With?

    Many people think they "NEED some super slick coating on the bolt and carrier group. While it does not hurt to have that super slick coating on the BCG. It may help carbon not stick to it making for easier cleaning, however, you don'"t "NEED that coating. Again the system has been working for 50 years. None of my guns have any special coating in part because they are older than the popularity of these coatings we see today and I am not that concerned about the effort it takes to clean the gun properly. While some lubricants out there make claims of being slicker and preventing carbon build up in the BCG, they all have one thing in common. They lubricate the BCG. All the other claims are things you may or may not like and may or may not want to pay for. Use what you have confidence in! It really is that simple. I have used all kinds of different oils and pastes and grease. I have gone to matches and used power steering fluid and motor oil because I forgot a range bag and had nothing else. And it all worked to lubricate the moving parts in the firearm. Get what you are confident in and what works in your firearm. I am not a big fan of grease as it often times gets put on either too thick or too thin, and the owner then has issues with proper function. Use a gun oil when in doubt but don'"t get too wrapped around the axle about which one. I use CLP and I use Frog Lube but I never, never, never mix them.

  • 3) How Can I Choose the Right AR 15 Barrel Length For Me?

    Choosing the "right barrel length and gas tube length can be a confusing topic. Someone can lose sleep at night trying to learn the physics behind which one is better and with what ammunition. We worry in an effort to accomplish what? Softer recoil? The .223/5.56 is not a harsh recoiling firearm. Don'"t lose sleep over all this. Just remember a few simple guidelines… One: you need a minimum of 10 inches of barrel to burn all the powder in a .223/5.56. Two: The carbine gas system and the rifle gas system have been around for 50 years. Three: A 1:8 twist barrel will give you a broader ammunition selection than a 1:7 or a ??

  • 4) AR 15 Free Float or?

    A free-float barrel is inherently more accurate than a non-free-float barrel. You would be surprised how far the barrel will flex when you are pushing against it. Things pressing or pulling on the barrel effect accuracy. Chrome lined barrels are not necessary unless you are shooting corrosive ammo or tracers. It does not help in accuracy at all. I think all the corrosive 556 is probably already shot up, and you won'"t find a chrome lined match barrel at any bench rest competition. The bench rest guys know more about accurate barrels than probably anyone and if it might help they would use it. Remember these guys weigh each piece of brass and spin it also. They don'"t pull punches!

  • 5) What Are Some Other Factors That Effect the Accuracy Of AR 15s

    What brand has the most accurate barrel? That is going to continue to be debated as long as more than one company makes barrels. Get one that shoots under an inch at 100 yards. You will find barrels that do that anywhere from $100 to many hundreds of dollars. How accurate can you shoot? Most people can'"t consistently shoot under an inch anyway. It may be better to get the $100 barrel and get some training. The vast majority of guns will outshoot the owners anyhow. Sorry to tell everyone that but it is a fact. My guns outshoots me too! I have sold a BUNCH of Anderson MFG. 16 1:8 twist barrels and they outshoot their owners and function just fine. We normally sell them for $99.99 ea and they have been a good product that we can stand behind. I cannot say the same thing about some other manufacturers.

  • 6)What are Some Accessories for my AR 15?

    Which stock and pistol grip is best? We get this question also. The best one for you is the one that fits your budget and is comfortable for you. I would tend to avoid the ones that interfere with the charging handle being pulled all the way back. We have seen several of those. The products often sold on Amazon (for example) have been knock off'"s of a quality brand such as Magpul. If it looks too good to be true then it probably is too good to be true. We have seen a number of products that people thought they got a great deal on only to later discover that they wasted money on something that was misleading in the advertisement. The way the grip and or stock help with accuracy is through comfort. If you are more comfortable, you will be more relaxed and you will shoot better. Your hand placement will help with the pressing of the trigger. If the stock is uncomfortable or pulls your beard then you may want one that does not cause discomfort.

  • 7) I Need Help Picking Out a Sight for my AR 15

    The scope rings used on your bolt with a traditional rifle stock (not the new Chassis system) are not the same as what we would recommend for your AR15. Why? Well first off, the height of AR15 sights are that high for a reason. The traditional hunting style bolt gun stock has a comb to it, lowering your eye to be closer to the bore of the rifle. Therefore, you do your best to bring the scope closer to the bore of the rifle minimizing the parallax between the center axis of the scope vs. the axis of the bore. Now, the AR15 does not have a comb to the stock. The buffer tube that the stock mounts to is on the same plane as the barrel. As a result, when you place your cheek on the stock your eye is well above the bore of the barrel. The designers placed the sights where your eye would be in a natural position. The scope should be in front of your eye when you shoulder the rifle as well. This is why the height of the mounts you see for an AR15/10 are the height they are. You may also notice that the majority of them cantilever over the handguard. This allows the scope to be mounted to the receiver as the barrel is also mounted to the receiver, but due to the length, it normally must extend over the hand- guard to be mounted on the receiver and still allow for proper eye relief from the scope.

    This is the same principle used with red dots. The height of the red dot can be chosen between absolute co-witness and lower 1/3rd co-witness. Absolute will put the red dot on your front sight like a lollypop on a stick. The lower 1/3rd co-witness sits higher, so your red dot will be above your front sight, therefore placing your front sight in the lower 1/3rd of the circle your red dot is in. Some people like this. I personally have used an absolute mount for better than 20 years so I prefer the absolute. The one you are happy with will be best for you. Most people I find prefer the absolute mostly because they prefer the red dot at the end of the receiver or further rather than closer to the rear sight, allowing for the addition of a magnifier to be placed behind the red dot.

  • 8) What Does Having a Specific Trigger do for my AR 15?

    Triggers have a big impact on accuracy the same way a free float barrel does. Triggers can make a big difference! A mil-spec trigger is between 6 and 11 pounds. Many people prefer a lighter trigger for target shooting or 3Gun. Many of the guns they own have lighter triggers. The options are plenty when it comes to AR15 triggers. Many of the self-contained triggers (many people prefer to call them drop-in triggers) are in my opinion not so great to very bad. Almost every AR15/10 trigger on the market is a drop in as they do not require fitting. They are relatively simple to put in. So simple in fact that if you buy one from us, we will install it for free. Many of the self contained triggers use a weak hammer spring to make the trigger weight lighter - thus making it feel better. Lighter hammer springs in many of the products offered today eventually cause light primer strikes. Many are not recommended to be used in an AR10 as the large rifle primer is harder than a small rifle primer and light primer strikes happen. While I am of the opinion that Timney make a good bolt gun trigger I am also of the opinion they make a lousy AR trigger.

    Here at the shop we are big supporters of the Geissele triggers. We are supporters of these triggers because they work all the time. They also have different triggers for different purposes. A designated Marksman rifle will use a different trigger than a short barreled rifle, for example. The primary purpose of the rifle will likely impact the type of trigger for that rifle. Many manufacturers compare the trigger they make to a Geissele because they have become the standard to beat in the aftermarket AR15/10 trigger market. They are made of a very hard material and they also use quality springs. We have a display made by Sun Devil so you can sample different triggers before you buy them. I personally favor the Geissele SSA-E in one of my rifles. But everyone has an opinion and a budget determining what is best for them. Rock River also makes a very reliable trigger for the AR15/AR10. It is a two-stage trigger and for the money may be the best trigger out there. They are very reasonably priced and very good quality triggers. I have no problem recommending and installing them for our customers. We have installed Rock River triggers in AR15'"s and in AR10'"s and have not received any complaints from customers. I know of some who use them in 3Gun and some hunters and general target shooters who use them. I do not support people filing on the mil-spec trigger in an effort to make it smoother or something. They may work like that for a little while but they do not last like that. The material is simply too soft and it will wear unevenly where it was filed and eventually fail. We have seen this on multiple occasions. We simply cannot recommend it. But we have replaced several trigger for people that have either tried it themselves or paid someone to do it for them. Occasionally we will have some customer say that he did his own trigger work several years ago and it is working fine after 3 or more years. I do not doubt what they say, but later when we talk more I find out that rifle isn'"t shot that often. This explains the reality of the situation. Time means little if something is not being used. So we are back to the question of "if it is going to fail but "when is it going to fail. I'"m simply speaking from several years of experience.

  • 9) What is a Reciever and How Does it Affect my AR 15?

    Uppers, lowers, either one. If it was made from 7075T6 aluminum and cut to mil-spec. It really doesn'"t matter whose name in on the side - it can'"t be anything else. The same material cut to the same specs really is the same thing. Billet came from forged aluminum also. Yes, it is true that billet started from a block of forged aluminum. The reason they forge the receivers to approximate shape and size of the actual receiver is to minimize labor and tool time. Also, most of the names on the side of the receiver are not made by that company but another company that is oftentimes used and inferior because they simply cost less. Now having said that, you can find some inferior receivers out there. I personally am not fond of the plastic receivers. I am not happy with the way they fit together. Nor am I happy with the way parts fit in them. Are they as strong as an aluminum receiver? I cannot say. I haven'"t done any testing to say they are or are not. But right now I don'"t see how they can be as strong. Will they work? For most people they probably will simply because most buyers don'"t shoot them very often. Most of the people that save the 10 or 15 dollars on the receiver are not the people going out and buying one or many thousands of rounds per year. They may be buying 1 or 5 boxes of ammunition a year or two. This buyer is normally not the one taking classes or doing much training.

    Billet receivers are not bad. They are normally much thicker than a forged receiver, and thus stronger, however, they are not without drawbacks. Most of the products made are for the Mil-Spec AR15. The Mil-Spec AR15 has a specific size and shape. Billet does not adhere to those same outside detentions in every area. The upside is in some of the designs Spikes Tactical has offered us. They are cool looking lowers with faces on them. The downside is not all parts will fit those billet upper and lowers. It isn'"t really a problem unless you have your heart set on a specific hand guard for example, and it indexes in an area that does not fit the billet upper you chose. (The hand guard should index somewhere in the upper receiver to prevent it from rotating.) I am in no way saying don'"t buy billet. I am simply saying you may be limited on what can be installed on billet. And while it can have a cool factor, it simply is not necessary. It is more of a want than a need. And that is OK too.

  • 10) Which of the Many Thousands of Muzzle Devices out There Should I Choose?

    The choices of muzzle devices out there for the AR15 AR10 have no limits. One may find as many muzzle devises as they can count stars. The simple A2 military style has worked well for almost 50 years, and is the most common one installed today. If you intend on using a quick detach silencer, in most cases you will have to use the muzzle device of the same manufacturer. Flash hiders and muzzle breaks are NOT the same thing. Flash hiders were designed to simply hide or minimize the flash. Muzzle breaks are designed to minimize recoil and or muzzle climb. Muzzle breaks are inherently LOUD. Especially for the people standing to your left and right. Put a muzzle break on a short barrel for a pistol or SBR and you can make your ears bleed. I made the mistake of putting one on a 12 barrel once. I fired 3 rounds and stopped. Put the gun away and said to myself "well, that was just stupid. I still can'"t say I know why I did that. Think of a muzzle break in the fluid dynamics realm. As the gases come out they hit the cuts in the break the same way water would pulling what it hits in the direction the water was traveling. The gases cause the same effects thus minimizing the felt recoil.

    Now you have 10 things to help you with your next AR15 / AR10. These are the 10 we talk about most with customers. Choose the parts for your rifle or pistol that are legal and what you want. We will do our best to help you meet your expectations. We may not always tell you what you want to hear but we won'"t lie to you. It'"s your money and your gun so get what you want. Come in and we will do our best to help you. Don'"t forget if you buy the parts from us we will put them on for free! Thank you for supporting your local businesses!

  • Special Thanks to all our subscribers! We wouldn't have gotten this far without your help.

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